Carpa Diem


The solution to the world’s water problems requires the education, mobilization and involvement of everyone. Watch this short movie about the water issues, awarded around the world.

Art directors: Enzo Puccio, Giuseppe Puccio, Sergio Cannella
Producer: AMAP
Executive producer: Ugo Piazza
Director: Sergio Cannella
DoP: Roberta Allegrini
Editing, Soundtrack: Ivan Monterosso

Winner the 3rd Prize “Scientific and Pedagogic section” at the International Water and Film Events 2009″ (Istanbul, Turkey).
– Winner the CINE WATER TO DRINK – Coca Cola International Film Festival 2008 (Manaus, Brazil).
– Winner Premio del público “Agua y Consumo Responsable”, Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes “ACTÚA” 2008 (Zaragoza, Spain).
Winner “Agua y Consumo Responsable”, Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes “ACTÚA” 2008 (Zaragoza, Spain).
– Winner “Grand Prix Fiction” MONACOLOGY FILM FESTIVAL 2008, Festival International du Court-Métrage sur l’Ecologie (Montecarlo, Principauté de Monaco).
– Winner the “Children Earth Vision Award” at EARTH VISION TOKYO ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL 2008, (Tokyo, Japan).
– Winner at “Concurso Internacional de cortos por la Cultura de la Sostenibilidad 2007” (Zaragoza, SPAIN).
– Special Mention at “CINE’ECO 2007, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Ambiente” (SEIA, PORTUGAL).
– WWF Special Award at “The Animal Spot Film Festival” (Rome, Italy);
– Best Short “Children Film Award” at CMS VATAVARAN 2007 FILM FESTIVAL (NEW DELHI, INDIA):
– UNESCO acknowledgement, and Best Short at Salento Finibus Terrae “HUMAN RIGHTS” 2007, Italy;
– Special Mention Best Subject at Murgia Film Festival 2007, Italy;
– Best Spot at 11° Festival International Du Film Sur L’Énergie de Lausanne, Suisse 2007;
– Best Short at Corto’oGlobo film festival 2006 of Angri (SA) Italy;
– Best Short at “Visioni Ambientali” (Visioni Italiane Film Festival 2006 of Bologna – Italy).

– Eco Bahia Festival Internacional Do Audiovisual Ambiental 2008 (Salvador Bahia, Brasil).
– Swansea Film Festival 2008 (Swansea, Uk).
– Sacramento International Film Festival 2008 (Pacifica, Usa).
– Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival 2008 (Nevada City, Ca, Usa).
– Interfilm Short Film Festival Of Berlin 2007 (Berlin, Germany).
– Global Vision Film Festival 2007 (Canada).
– Colorado Environmental Film Festival 2007 (Colorado).
– Nice Film Festival 2007 (New York, San Francisco, Usa).
– Planet In Focus International Environmental Film 2007 (Canada).
– Ekofilm International Film Festival 2007 (Czech Republic).
– Festival International Du Film D’Environnement 2007 (Paris, France).
– Arcipelago Film Festival 2007 Corto Web (Italy).
– Aotearoa Environmental Film Festival 2007 (New Zealand).
– Gray’S Reef Ocean Film Festival 2007 (Usa).
– Les JournÉEs Du Film Sur L’Environnement 2007 (France).
– Clorofilla Film Festival 2007 (Italy).
– Anonimul – International Independent Film Festival 2007 (Romania).
– Ecovision Film Festival 2007 (Italy).
– Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival “Short In Web Competition” 2007 (Italy).
– Everglades International Film Festival 2007 (South Africa).
– Festival Internacional De Cine Independiente De Elche 2007 (Spain).
– Orvieto Corto Film Festival 2007 (Italy).
– Ficma – Festival Internacional De Cinema Del Medi Ambient De Catalunya 2007 (Spain).
– Ix Fica – Festival Internacional De Cinema E VÍDeo Ambiental 2007 (Brasil).
– San Sebastian Human Rights 2007, (Spain).
– Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival 2006 (France).
– Cinemambiente 2006 (Italy).
– 4 Film Festival 2006 (Italy).

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