Dalla parte della Legalità

A Palermo judge returns to his city after many years. During the trip on the highway that leads from the airport to the city of Palermo, he traces in his mind the last twenty years of painful events in this wonderful land, thinking with sadness about the evil that was perpetrated, remembering missing friends and colleagues, celebrating their memories for the great contribution to what will be considered a turning point in the change of popular consciousness.

Director: Sergio Cannella
Art directors: Ivan Monterosso, Sergio Cannella
DoP: Massimo Schiavon
Editing: Ivan Monterosso
Copy: Giuseppe Puccio
Cdp: Zerocento
Executive producers: Daniele Manno, Rodolfo Drago

Producer: Mediazioni Srl – Centro studi Aurora – Centro studi Ibleo

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